Water Slide
Big Brother Recurring Competition
Description A competition where houseguests do tricks on a water slide.
Appearance(s) Youtuber Big Brother 1
Youtuber Big Brother 3

Water Slide is a recurring competition. It has been both an HOH and a POV in the past.


Youtuber Big Brother 1Edit

One at a time, the houseguests will slide on the water slide, if they mess up or fall, they're out. Each round, the tricks get harder. The last houseguest standing wins POV.

Youtuber Big Brother 3Edit

The houseguests would each perform two tricks on the water slide. Each trick was ranked on a 1-5 point scale. If they fell, they'd be disqualified. The best score at the end would win HOH.


List of the Water Slide CompetitionsEdit

Season Week Competition Winner
1 6 POV
3 1 HOH